Commercial Pool Heating Case Study: Over The Border

Commercial Pool Heating Case Study: Over The Border
July 15, 2005

Our Gold Medal winner for this edition of the Solstice is the beautiful Rosarita Beach Hotel in Baja, Mexico. Shown above is the hotel’s 3200 square foot solar heated pool. Rosarita Beach is located just south of Tijuana, on the Pacific Ocean, where they get a great deal of sun all year. Despite the gorgeous weather and ideal conditions for the hotel, their pool never got over 78°F, especially since their boilers broke down several years ago. The pool was always a brisk swim when their guests were hardy enough to use the pool.

Aquatherm Industries Master Dealer, Mark Naylor Solar Specialists of San Diego, California came to their rescue. Mark Naylor has been a Master Dealer for 10 years and this is the first “outside the U.S.” pool he has heated. He found the experience to be unique only because of the border issues. “It was just like installing a solar heating system on a pool in Southern California except trying to get the collectors across the border”. That feat, getting the collectors across the border, took days longer than the installation. His crew installed the pool system in six hours. When they broke for a late lunch after completing the project, the pool temperature rose from 74° to 78°F. The hotel owners were very pleased because the pool has never seen that temperature in recent memory, and certainly not without the help of expensive oil to fuel the boilers.

The owners of the hotel are very proud of their decision to use solar to heat their pool. You will notice that the owners had Mark Naylor install the system in plain sight of the hotel guests. The tall building in the background is one of two hotel towers where hotel guests rooms are located.

If you or one of your customers has a pool that is too cold or too expensive to heat, contact us at Aquatherm Industries, we will be very glad to show how easy it is to solve that problem. To find out more, you can contact us at 1-800-227-7657