Hybrid Solar Pool Heater System

Hybrid Solar Pool Heater: The Best Of Both Worlds

If you have a gas or electric pool heater, you already know the benefits of having a pool heating system: more enjoyment out of your pool with a longer swim season, maintaining a comfortable temperature every time you take a dip, and adding to the value of your home. However, high energy bills may be keeping you from using your pool heater as often as you like.

HybridSchematicWebIn a hybrid pool heating configuration, your swimming pool heater uses solar as the primary source of heat, and a gas heater or electric heat pump as a backup source. Since solar energy is free, this enables you to significantly reduce your operating costs vs. using a gas or electric heater alone. Also, by using less fossil fuel, a hybrid solar pool heater has less environmental impact.

A hybrid solar pool heater could be the answer. Versatile by design, the Ecosun Solar Pool Heater will work in conjunction with your in-ground or above ground pool heater to save you money every season.