Commercial Pool Heating Case Study: Sun Beach Club

Commercial Pool Heating Case Study: Sun Beach Club
April 15, 2004


About five years ago, the Sun Beach Club in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, started investigating heating their community pool with the sun’s free energy. During that time, the homeowners association contacted many solar contractors and yet Sun Beach Club never converted from natural gas to solar.

In 2003, Engineered Sun, Aquatherm Industries’ Master Dealer located in Sanford, Florida, was referred to the Sun Beach Club and Engineered Sun took the time to determine what the real concerns were.

Each year the club was spending more on heating their pool and not getting the pool at the temperature they wanted. Does this sound familiar? Stories like this abound across the country. The members were becoming outraged and wanted something done and they wanted to be sure it would work. That’s when Engineered Sun appeared on the scene.
After studying the situation, Engineered Sun gave a formal proposal to the Sun Beach Club’s Board of Directors to install a 24 collector system, which is more than 100% coverage. This gave the Beach Club a fast response in the morning and guaranteed performance. Despite the fact that Engineered Sun was not low bidder, Sun Beach Club went forward because of the performance assurance. Engineered Sun was able to give a performance guarantee because of the design of the system and Engineered Sun’s trust in the design and performance of the Aquatherm Industries collectors they installed.

A job well done, truly a gold medal installation.

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