The Ecosun Solar Pool Heating System

Innovative Design. High Performance.

Using clean, renewable solar power for in-ground and above ground pool heating enables you to extend your swim season, make the most of your investment in a pool, and increase the value of your home efficiently, cost-effectively, and with minimal environmental impact!

Ecosun Solar Pool Heaters cost absolutely nothing to operate, since energy from the sun is FREE. Solar powered pool heaters are also 100% eco-friendly. And because a solar system has few moving parts, it is virtually maintenance-free. All you need to do is set the temperature, and enjoy warm water for many more months out of the year without worrying about your energy bill, or damage to the environment.

In comparing solar pool heaters, you’ll discover that the Ecosun Hybrid Solar Pool Heating Collector is the most advanced swimming pool solar heater on the market today. Two unique characteristics set it apart from other solar pool heaters: the patented vented web and unique fluted surface design.



  • The patented vented web allows for moisture ventilation for the roof as well as wind load relief during adverse weather conditions, making the entire system more resilient.
  • The unique fluted surface design, which has received the highest performance rating ever recorded for a vented solar pool heater, provides over 10% more collector area.

According to testing by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), the Ecosun Solar Pool Heater is the highest-rated vented solar pool heating collector available. This can be attributed to the unique, patented venting process by which no material is removed from the collector.

Aquatherm’s efficient solar pool heaters, which can stand alone or are easily configured into hybrid systems, are currently operating throughout the U.S. and in dozens of countries worldwide. Innovative design and uncompromising quality control have made Ecosun Hybrid by Aquatherm the solar swimming pool heater of choice among discerning homeowners just about everywhere under the sun.