Commercial Pool Heating Case Study: AHRC Camp Loyaltown

Commercial Pool Heating Case Study: AHRC Camp Loyaltown
October 14, 2012 Ecosun Solar Pool Heaters


Summer Camp Cuts The Bills But Keeps The Fun

When Patrick Gallagher first visited Camp Loyaltown, there was over 3-feet of snow on the ground. But soon, the snow would melt and the upstate New York summer camp would be flooded with over 850 special needs campers ready to have some fun away from home.

Owned and operated by AHRC, Camp Loyaltown is a private, nonprofit, summer camp which cares for children as young as 4 years old through adults in their 80’s who have developmental and other disabilities. Campers enjoy a variety of recreational activities including paddle-boating, arts and crafts, and swimming in the massive 9,000 square foot heated splash pool.

solar pool heater ahrc summer camp

Camp Loyaltown’s 9,000 sq. ft. heated splash pool

As a nonprofit, membership organization, AHRC needs to keep costs as low as possible, and heating a body of water 12-times the size of an average backyard pool with propane was not helping its cause. The camp had heard about other facilities using solar panels to heat their pool water, and contacted Rapp Construction Management forsome direction. Owner Joe Rapp brought in local Warwick, NY solar expert Pat Gallagher of Gallagher Solar as a consultant on the project.

solar pool heater at ahrc summer camp

Gallagher installed 100 4′ x 12′ solar pool heating collectors

Nicholas Pappas, Rapp Construction’s resident Sustainable Building Advisor, worked closely with Gallagher throughout every step of the system design process. Sized at 100 4’ x12’ collectors (4,800 square-feet of solar collector area), the system would be the largest of its kind in the region. Given the magnitude of the installation– his team’s largest to date –Gallagher enlisted the help of AIRegional Distribution Center Rich Bonte of Sun Source Energy Products (Netcong, NJ), who assisted in calculating the necessary flow rates, layout, and pump sizing in order to transfer as much heat as possible into the pool.

As in most public and commercial swimming pools, safety is always a top priority. Gallagher noted that, as the only solar pool heating systems certified to strict NSF-50 safety, durability, and toxicity standards, the Aquatherm name made it all the easier to satisfy the local Board of  Health’s requirements.

Patrick Gallagher of Gallagher Solar was very pleased with the outcome. “Camp Loyaltown’s forward-looking management is way ahead of the curve in their ongoing efforts to drive down the costs of fuel in every way possible.” This is our largest project to date, said Gallagher. “The camp is very happy with the system’s performance and is seeing the savings pile up. Fuel is certainly not getting any less expensive.”

With the cost of energy rising everyday, heating a pool with fossil fuels is a luxury most can no longer afford. But like AHRC, many smart commercial pool owners and operators are making the switch to solar, and enjoying all the benefits of a heated pool without the shock of the monthly utility bill.

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