Top 6 Super-Scary Swimming Pools

Top 6 Super-Scary Swimming Pools
October 15, 2013 Ecosun Solar Pool Heaters
#6: Red Pool at The Library Resort (Koh Samui, Thailand)
Welcome to Thailand, we hope you enjoy your stay at The Library Resort. This 4.5-star beachfront resort treats guests with breath-taking views, white sand beaches, and a blood-red pool. Wait, say what? That’s right, like a scene straight out of a horror movie, this sanguine-shaded swimming hole is certainly one of the strangest pools we’ve ever seen.
But while the creepy coloring might make your skin crawl, there’s no risk of turning red after taking a dip. Believe it or not, the red hue of the pool water is an optical illusion. The water is actually crystal clear, and gets its creepy factor from a combination of red, yellow, and orange tiles that make up the pool.
#5: The Queen Mary’s Haunted First Class Swimming Pool
Though some reports claim this pool is haunted by the ghost of people who drowned in the pool, the Queen Mary’s own log detailing the causes of death for passengers on the ocean liner doesn’t list a single death due to drowning. The ghosts seen in the first class swimming pool seem to be exclusively female, and there are reports of at least one adult woman and a little girl, named Jackie, that haunt this location. 
Today, the pool is a highlight of the “Haunted Encounters Tour” at the ship’s final resting place of Long Beach, CA. Tour guides hum “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in hopes for a visit from little Jackie, whose cries can often be heard echoing through the cavernous space. As if that’s not spooky enough, there are often reports of wet footprints around the empty pool’s edges.
#4: Abandoned Pool Near Chernobyl (Pripyat, Ukraine)
Prior to the 1986 nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, the town of Pripyat had a population of 49,400. Completely evacuated in just two days, its citizens were forced to abandon all possessions, leaving Pripyat a ghost-town.
Though not officially sanctioned as safe to enter, curious and brave urban explorers have recently begun documenting the city’s remains for the world to see.
The picture to the right shows the pool as it once was.
#3: The Devil’s Pool (Victoria Falls, South Africa)

We’ll admit it is a bit of a stretch to include on our list, since it’s not really a pool in the man-made sense of the word. But, we decided you just can’t leave something called “The Devil’s Pool” off a list of scary swimming spots! 

Located on Livingstone Island in Australia, Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall on the entire planet at over 330 feet high, and is considered one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. Aside from sheer size, what really makes these falls extraordinary is how close you can swim to the edge. That’s right – swim!

When the river flow is at a certain level, usually between September and December, a rock barrier forms an eddy with minimal current, allowing adventurous swimmers to splash around in relative safety a few feet from the point where the water cascades over the falls.

With the help of a local guide, adventurous swimmers can get as close as 3 feet away from the edge by sitting on a natural rock shelf called “The Devil’s Armchair.” An estimated 1,000,000 people visit the falls each year, though only a small percentage risk the swim out to the pool. Living up to its sinister namesake, occasional deaths have been reported from people slipping over the rock barrier.
#2: Frozen Pool at Nay Aug Park (Scranton, PA)
Like something out of an episode of AMC’s The Walking (Swimming?) Dead, just looking at this frozen-over community pool in Scranton, PA’s Nay Aug Park chills us to the bone. It’s downright post-apocalyptic, isn’t it? If not scary, it’s certainly depressing. Pools are meant to be enjoyed! If your pool is too cold to swim in, you’re not maximizing your investment or enjoyment. Then, it’s really just an expensive piece of landscaping.We prefer our pools to be warm, comfortable, and open longer than our neighbors’ pools if we can help it.But as frightening as a cold and unused pool is to us, our #1 pick is even worse…
We can hardly stand to look at it! We know, we know – there are only a handful of climates where pools are able to stay open all-year round. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these areas, we are eternally jealous.Here in New Jersey, where Aquatherm Industries is located, this is a sight that becomes all too familiar right around Labor Day as pools start to cool down. These pools could stay open longer if they were heated, since daytime temperatures are still suitable for swimming for about another month. However, heating a pool with a gas or electric heater, even for one month, can cost pool owners upwards of $1,000! We’re willing to bet this is a similar story where you live.Want to avoid this scary sight in your backyard for as long as possible? We don’t blame you! A solar heater extends your swimming season, maximizing your investment in a pool without any expensive monthly utility bills.Solar is the solution to keeping your pool open longer, and the scary sight of a closed pool out of your backyard.