Terms & Conditions

The independent businesses herein referred to as “Dealers” who buy products manufactured by Aquatherm Industries, Inc. for resale to consumers, are not representing Aquatherm Industries, Inc., and are not affiliated with, controlled by, agents of, or partners of Aquatherm Industries, Inc.

Dealers set their own pricing for the products and services they sell, and all transactions between a consumer and a dealer are only between these two parties and do not involve Aquatherm Industries, Inc. as a party except for the product warranty coverage as set forth in the standard warranty provided by Aquatherm Industries, Inc.

Aquatherm Industries, Inc. does not make any representations as to any Dealer or its services, and Aquatherm Industries, Inc. is not responsible for nor does it provide a warranty for installation installation services provided by the Dealer.

No Dealer is authorized to make any representations or warranties regarding a product manufactured by Aquatherm Industries, Inc.